Titanwood Collection

Waterproof Hardwood Flooring

Titanwood is a genuine wood floor that brings peace-of-mind to the home. No more worrying about spills, pet scratches, stains or refinishing. This engineered wood collection will last a lifetime but installs in a snap with its click-lock system and attached padding.


7 layers of anti-scratch coating


Liquids will not penetrate or stain

Click Installation

Installs quickly and easily, without adhesives

Dent Resistant

Durable and reliable against any scrapes and nicks

Attached Pad

Reduces floor noise for a quieter environment

Steam & Wet Mop Approved

Clean your floors without any complications


Crystalguard™ MAX

We use 7 layers of a proprietary acrylic-based coating to give you an ultra-clear and durable finish that provides maximum protection against scratching, scuffing, and staining.


Genuine Hardwood

Every board is unique thanks to the genuine hardwood top layer. With no pattern repeats, your floor shines like no other through it’s natural variations in color and grain.

Superior Stability

Titanwood has superior dimensional stability, which means it’s resistant to shrinkage and expansion. High-quality construction makes our collection a smart choice for any room in your home and ensures your floors look beautiful for years to come.


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